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Melanie Ehrlich

Actress and voiceover talent
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Voiceover classes, events and private lessons

I teach voiceover classes and private voiceover lessons in Manhattan, on Long Island, and online via Skype. I also hold events with agents, casting directors, and other respected professionals in various areas of the voiceover industry. Below are the classes I'm currently offering--check back for updates as more are added! All classes and events are in Manhattan unless otherwise noted.

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What makes my events different
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The newly renovated, transformational and truly unique 8-Week Voiceover Sampler Class (Beginner, intermediate AND advanced) - Starts Monday, July 7th, 6:30-9:00PM
Accents and Dialects For Voice Actors (Beginner, intermediate AND advanced) - Starts Tuesday, July 8th, 6:30-8:30PM
8-Week Advanced Character Intensive/LTM Audio Players Troupe with live Off-Broadway final class performance! (Advanced) - Starts Wednesday, July 9th, 6:30-9:30PM
Audio Production for Voiceovers Class (Beginner, intermediate and advanced) - Starts Wednesday, August 5th, 6:30-9:00PM

Practice opportunities
NYC Voiceover Workout Group (All levels) - meets next on Sunday, 07/13 7-9PM
Private voiceover lessons (All levels) - Manhattan, Long Island, online

About your instructor

I'm an actress and voiceover talent (and sometimes director, producer, casting director, writer, kazoo player, Korean drum player, and improviser, depending on the day) who has over 200 voiceover credits to my name, with internationally renowned clients including Samsung, Johnson and Johnson, Apple and Japan Airlines. My voice can be heard in commercials, iPhone apps, animation, museum audio guides, games, and even in-flight videos, both in the US and abroad. My non-traditional path to attaining success in voiceover work has given me valuable insights into the myriad ways in which actors can take control of their careers, which I love to share!

What makes my events different

First of all, I am first and foremost an actor. I started running my own classes and events to address some needs of my own and of others actors that I didn't feel were being adequately met. One thing I had found frustrating in looking for voiceover classes and events in NYC was that I never found events that "had it all". I wanted to find classes/events that were...

I would consistently find things that fit two or three of the above, but RARELY all of them, especially for events that brought in industry guests. But now--finally!--there are classes that satisfy all of the above criteria. Every class I plan is from the unique perspective of both a participant and an instructor, allowing me to provide a great experience for everyone involved. In fact, I will often get up at the mic right along with everyone else at many of my classes, before coming back around behind the mic to teach and direct. I love getting to work on both sides of the mic, connecting with both my students and guests! With providing good, personal experiences for everyone involved as my primary goal, I limit my class sizes to some of the smallest in NYC, allowing everyone plenty of time to work on-mic. I am always careful in balancing the class time:size:cost ratio to allow the best possible experience for their investment. Everyone gets to hear and benefit from everyone else's work, so everyone can benefit from the entire class. And I'm always open to comments and suggestions, implementing them when I am able to create the best experience possible for my students. :)

I am happy to offer classes that provide individualized instruction at group rates. Come join us and see the difference for yourself! :)

Success stories and feedback!

"I wanted to say thank you, as I had an good audition for Yu-Gi-Oh! with Darren. It would not have been possible without your class." - Devon Talbott
***After attending my industry guest animation class with Darren Dunstan, casting director at 4K Media, Devon was later called in to audition for Yu-Gi-Oh!

"Your Business and Marketing for Voice Actors was a HUGE help!" - Devon Talbott
***After attending my Business and Marketing for Voice Actors class, Devon BOOKED an animated short (and successfully negotiated the terms to his satisfaction)!

"Thanks for class today, it was awesome! A special shout out to Jonathan, too, for his contribution and insight!" - Derek Lettman (This was after an audiobook class with a special guest, author Jonathan R. Wachtel. Jonathan shared some personality insights with each student in the class, after which everyone practiced audiobook reads with an excerpt from Jonathan's book There Is A Place and received feedback from both me and Jonathan.)
***After attending my weekly Voiceover Sampler Class and continuing with private lessons to work on an audiobook demo/samples, Derek BOOKED his first audiobook series!
***Update: Derek just BOOKED his second audiobook after receiving an offer on ACX! Click here to check out High School Heroes: Secrets of the Past!

"Melanie, I think you are probably the best voiceover coach I have had to date. Your technical insight and criticism is so dead on. You make it easy to perform in the booth." - Bruce Hawkins, actor and dancer (with 30+ years in the industry, on TV, in film, in voiceover and on Broadway!)

"Can't say enough how great these classes have been." - Corinne Sudberg, voice actress (and member of Team Four Star, the group behind the Dragonball Z Abridged series, among others. Check out Corinne's website for her upcoming convention appearances!)

"Your voiceover class is life-changing!" - Hana R. (One of my students after a particularly inspiring class one week!) :)

***I was able to bring in NINE of my voiceover students for an audition for ongoing ESL voiceover work at a top-notch recording studio in NYC after working with them in my weekly Voiceover Sampler Class, bi-weekly Voiceover Workout Group, Getting Started In Voiceovers intro class and private lessons!

***TWENTY-THREE of my voiceover students were invited to audition for an upcoming video game project I'm casting after working with me in my weekly Voiceover Sampler Class, animation VO class with Darren Dunstan, casting director at 4K Media, bi-weekly Voiceover Workout Group, Getting Started In Voiceovers intro class and private lessons!

Private voiceover lessons

If you have more questions or are looking for a learning experience even MORE tailored to your specific needs, I offer private voiceover lessons, audio production lessons, and career consultations at my home studio on Long Island, online via Skype, and (pending availability) in NYC. You can schedule a private lesson with me by selecting your choice of private sessions below, and then sending me an email with your general availability AND your top THREE choices of lesson dates and times in the next fourteen days.

Private lessons

For more information, please email me at melanie(at)

My Audio Production for Voiceovers co-teacher, Michael, also offers audio production lessons in person in NYC and in NJ. If you are interested in studying privately with him, you may contact him directly at michael(at)

Discounts and special offers

I offer the following discounts and offers for my classes: