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Recent News and Highlights

July 2014

This month, I...

-Was called in to audition for Royal Pains after working with casting director Sabrina Hyman in a class at The Network last month!

-Taught some great VO classes with casting directors Darren Dunstan (4K Media) and Andy Roth!

-Had an awesome Improv 201 graduation improv show at UCB East!

-Took some great on-camera classes with casting directors Clint Alexander (FOX), John Ort (ABC), and Jessica Daniels!

-Had a great time seeing some of what's been produced in my own backyard at the Long Island International Film Expo!

-Took a great seminar with John McKinney of Pomann Sound at Actors Connection!

-Began rehearsals for the Summer 2014 LTM Audio Players Showcase on Wednesday, August 27th at the Actors Temple Theatre in NYC!

June 2014

This month, I...

-Submitted an audition for NBC! Thanks to my fantastic agent Albert at Emerging Talent Agency for the opportunity!

-Taught some great VO classes with Barbara Vlahides of John Marshall Media, Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games, and Jason Sasportas, head VO agent at Stewart Talent!

-Was cast as ALL FOUR female off-stage voices for the play White Space, which will have performances at the Comic Book Theater Festival at The Brick on June 19th, 22nd and 24th!

-Took a great on-camera class with Sabrina Hyman of Finnegan/Jacobs Casting!

May 2014

This month, I...

-Stage-managed/ran lights and sound for the staged reading of Barber From Outer Space at the Planet Connections Theater Festival!

-Started my Improv 201 class at Upright Citizens Brigade! I will be performing at UCBT on Sunday, July 13th at 4PM at the UCB East theater in our class graduation show! Come see it if you can!

-Enjoyed some great classes with Erica Jensen and Paul Davis of Calleri Casting and an awesome three-week video game voiceover class with Kim Graham of Judy Henderson Casting!

-MCed (in English AND Korean!) AND lead my samulnori (traditional Korean percussion) group in a performance at the 26th International Lotus Lantern Festival for the Celebration of Buddha's Birthday at Union Square Park! Huge thanks to composer/musician/coordinator Jingoo Lee for the invitation and opportunity to perform!

April 2014

This month, I...

-Taught another fantastic (and sold out!) class with Darren Dunstan, casting director at 4K Media (Yu-Gi-Oh and more)! I love it when work is this much fun!!

-Had a really nice time meeting with Carrie Faverty of Sound Lounge, Steve Garrin of Videoactive Productions, and David Cady of Donna DeSeta Casting tonight at The Network's Voiceover Fest!

-Had a blast giving a talk on voice acting in video games at my NYC Games Forum event last night! Big thanks to Emma Larkins for putting it all together!

-After auditioning and getting a callback for a different role in the same film, I was requested by director Sean Mewshaw for a featured background role in his feature film Tumbledown, starring Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudeikis! Today was the second of two days I was on set, and it was one of the best on-set experiences I've had. I was lucky enough to join them (Rebecca Hall, Jason Sudeikis, director Sean Mewshaw and writer/executive producer Desi Van Til) for a bit at lunch yesterday, and I absorbed and learned quite a bit simply from listening to what they had to say and how they approach their crafts, and left with a renewed passion and direction for my own career path. Wow! I am so grateful to director Sean Mewshaw and writer/executive producer Desi Van Til for the experience!

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2013 Highlights

December 3rd, 2013:
Found out that TWO of my students were called in to audition for Yu-Gi-Oh after meeting casting director Darren Dunstan in my animation voiceover class with him back in October!

November 15th, 2013:
Had an AWESOME audition for Orange Is The New Black today! Was so nice to meet and work with the lovely Emer O'Callaghan and Sara Allocco.

October 28th, 2013:
I'm pleased to announce that I am now freelancing with Lewis Chambers/The Bethel Agency, after meeting Lewis last week at a Backstage seminar!

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